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This is very coarse and wavy hair. To make it lay straight and flat without looking heavy or shiny we pulled small sections straight, one at a time, with a 9 row denman brush, we blow dried them with a Super Solano, and then flat ironed with a Croc. The hair went through drastic changes before we even opened the jar of product, because good hair doesn’t come from a jar. This hair is moveable and soft, because we used a product with little hold, just to tack it together and remove the fluffiness. Redken rough paste should do the trick, or next week you can order my own product (used here) from my web site 😎 - @andrewdoeshair- #webstagram

My most recent tattoo. Need a thicker outline adding once it’s healed.

Bank holiday weekend away! YUS!


Dita Von Teese

My Jesus.

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When I tell a joke and no one gets it